"This book is a great accomplishment and will be an inspiration to every person who reads it. It's also a great read, and I recommend it to anyone who aspires to success, no matter what their field. Bo Bennett has done a terrific job with an often elusive subject, giving concrete and insightful advice."

Donald J. Trump, Best-Selling Author


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About Author Bo Bennett and "Year To Success"

Bo Bennett knows about success. By the age of 29 he had developed, built up and sold an innovative technology company during the peak of the tech boom and sold it for $20,000,000 -- and got to keep most of it! He now gives back information and inspiration that can lead others to live a successful life in his debut book, Year To Success.

Book Excerpts

Using Humor Effectively
“Besides just making other people happy and feel good, humor can be used to make light of an otherwise awkward situation, and ease both tension and ill feelings while building rapport. In a speaking or writing situation, humor can keep an audience interested in what you have to say, thus helping you become a better communicator. If popularity is one of your goals, then humor is a very effective tool. It is difficult to not like someone who makes you laugh.”

Interview with Bo Bennett

Bo, you made millions of dollars off of an Internet venture -- and kept most of it. That's a dual feat! What did you do and how did you do it? I think your real question is, “What did you do and how can I do it?” I recognized a need and filled it. It was early 1995 and a friend of mine just introduced me to the Internet. I was immediately amazed and excited about its potential. For the next several months I would try desperately to get a website, but I would end up only getting conned, scammed, and ripped-off. I finally did find an honest company that I leased a web server from, but I ran into some more trouble--in order to have a web site I needed to be a technical wizard. So I became one. Just about 6 months later, I had created a web hosting company for the "average business user" that used my own web-based software to create a website and configure e-mail. Seven years later I sold the company for 20 million dollars.